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  Volume: XXIV, Issue No. 21 June 16-30, 2015  
  Thai Airways' A380 has baby-free zone in Economy Class
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Bangkok : Want to avoid infants when flying economy on Thai's A380? The place to be!
Thai Airways has effectively made the upstairs Economy section of its new Airbus A380 into a 'baby-free' zone.
On a tour of the factory-fresh superjumbo - the first of six, which will fly to Frankfurt, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney, among other cites - we spied an curious absence of bassinette-mounting positions on the bulkhead wall in the front of the Economy cabin at the rear of the upper deck.
Thai Airways confirmed our suspicions, and assured our delight, with the revelation that there is no provision for bassinettes in this part of the aircraft.
An airline rep explained that the video screens for the front row of economy - row 75, and - have been mounted relatively low on the bulkhead, where the bassinette fixtures would usually be found.
By comparison two pairs of mounting points are found on all bulkheads on the lower deck - which belongs entirely to economy, with 377 seats.
This means the upper deck's compact 58-seat Economy section will therefore remain relatively infant-free.
So there's your first expert travel tip for Thai's A380: book a seat upstairs - that'll be anywhere from row 75 through to row 83- for the best chance to avoid adding crying babies to your travel experience.
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