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  Volume: XXIV, Issue No. 03 September 16-30, 2014  


Legs, head or bottom ? Which body part wants airlines' attention the most ?
_A Monitor Report London : Let's face it. Airlines are packing passengers in, like sardines. They are revamping their aircraft to fit more passengers, of course, because they can make more money that way. But passengers are increasingly complaining about various body parts that need some "comfort and joy." Which part is complaining the loudest? Would you give up bathroom privileges in exchange for say a better meal? Would you give up in-flight entertainment for a good pillow? How about throwi. More...
Bangladesh, Iraq to operate daily passenger flights
_A Monitor Report Dhaka : Bangladesh and Iraq will be able to operate daily passenger flights and three cargo flights a week. This follows the signing of Air Services Agreement between the two countries following talks after the passage of long 26 years. Before the signing of the treaty, the two sides could operate once a week flight between the two countries. Under the new ASA the two countries can also designate more than one airline to operate the flights and scope of codeshare has been . More...
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